We always buy products ahead of time to make sure our stock never runs out. We do this so we can deliver within guaranteed timeframes with greater precision. Access to components may fluctuate and our big stock makes sure that you, the customer, gets shorter delivery times and minimizes the risk of delays since everythings is available beforehand.

We have our own productionline made for small- to medium-sized series. This enables us to handle all the steps for the product under one roof. Since we draw and assemble the boards ourselves, changes to the product can be done swiftly.

After the boards have been manufactured, they are to be mounted in a casing with cabling. Assembly is done in a ESD-Protected-Area (EPA) which minimizes the risk of products breaking due to static discharges. Some customers have products which need to be tougher, and they often choose to fill the casing with a PUR-Mass to protect against moisture and vibrations. This is either done with us or our sister company, Jörgensen Industrielektronik AB, depending on the molding material.

We program testing-software based on the demands and make sure that the product is in prime condition. We test everything about the module before we consider it to be fit for delivery.