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Welcome to V-Teknik Electronics AB! V-Teknik Electronics AB is a Swedish company founded in 1988 and specializes in the development and production of mobile control systems. These control systems are used primarily on machines in agriculture, forestry and construction. But over the years, mobile management systems also developed a lot of other applications in other areas. No development projects in mobile control system is alien to us. Why the mobile control system? The reason is that these systems are subjected to very high stresses and operating in a tough environment. V-Technology is a niche for themselves in this market thanks to its unique knowledge of the area.

Vtekniks Start

Per-Åke Nilsson, one of the founders / owners, was born in a farming family. After completing school, he began to be working with his second main interest in electronics. In the mid 80s he worked at a company that made digital charts with GPS technology, which was new then. There he met Sven Huldt co-founder / owner, who was on loan from the University of Lund. Per-Åke had then for many years had a hobby of building electronics for agriculture. This hobby became more and more a embryo of a business idea. In 1988, he and Sven felt to launch V-Technology Electronics AB. It became a bit of a pioneer in developing and building mobile systems for agricultural machinery. Among the milestones since then include: V-Technology replacing many cables with a single coaxial cable, which ruled the signals from the tractor to the appended machine, already in the early 1990s.

The products have evolved from simple speed monitors to advanced steering systems for precision farming using GPS and land management programs. Since its inception, in 1988, V-Teknik Agronet system had an important place in the product range. Agronet is a serial transmission system of information between the tractor and the device (up to 250 000 signals can be handled). Agronet minimizes cabling, providing the flexibility and expandability. As examples of flexibility can be mentioned that some customers with existing systems with 10-15 years old, the past years have been able to distribute its fertilizer using GPS. The last few years have meant a boost for CANbus technology, which increasingly will take over from Agronet system. Mobile control system for agriculture has for many years been the largest product group. Weather and political powers, however many times drastically affected the lives of everyone in this industry. The last few years have therefore also invested in other markets such as forestry and construction machines.

From 2017-04-01 V-teknik elektronik was aqquired by CanCom AB and is now a sister company to Jörgensen Industrielektronik AB