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Forskaregatan 1 | SE-275 37 Sjöbo

About V-Teknik Elektronik

We simplify automation.
Automation is often perceived as difficult and advanced. At V-Teknik, we like that with our expertise and constant development easier for your customers. Then you can concentrate on what you do best in order to achieve maximum profitability!.

Freedom of choice.
It is common for designers feel that they are tied to a major supplier's trademark without the opportunity to choose themselves freely. Although many of the components are well experienced engineers that there are parts in the supplier's catalog that are not in the forefront. V-Teknik choose independently among the leading manufacturers. It gives you, the customer freedom of choice and simultaneously the best and most efficient solutions across the board. Together with our good collaboration gives our customers the security, trust and increased profitability ..

Complete, customized solutions - satisfied customers.
Choosing technology may be perceived as difficult and time consuming. It often happens that companies are turning to the V-Teknik after they realized that it cost them more time and money to themselves trying to solve a problem outside their disciplines. We at V-Teknik do daily advanced calculations and has built up considerable knowledge and experience. This, we are happy to share with our customers which therefore serves both time and money by V-Teknik does the job.

We are always close.
Many of our clients have come to us after having previously been in contact with suppliers who have not worked for a personal relationship. We at V-Teknik puts great emphasis on maintaining close contact with our customers. Exchange for you, because we know each other well and have a long-term relationship, simpler puts us into your project. For your company, this means that it becomes more efficient and improved decision time.

Save time and money! Our goal is cost and time effective solutions. Together we choose right!

Our employes

Per åke Nilsson
Hardware development

Sven Huldt
Software development

Joakim westesson

Marcus Persson

Andreas Jönsson

Carina Jörgensen

Markus Jörgensen

Kristian Jörgensen